Historic Texts & Resources

Seanchaidhean of the Clan Maclean have written much through the centuries. There are an abundance of texts about the Macleans useful to researching the history of this ancient clan. Most of the historical information on this site has been extrapolated and compiled from these books. The items below that are downloadable are in the Public Domain and may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes; texts that are not in the Public Domain have been linked to sites where they may be purchased. If you are aware of additional resources that should be included, please contact us.

Maclean History

A Brief Genealogical Account of the Family of McLean
by Alexander MacLean, published 1872. PDFARCHIVE.org

A Brief Genealogical Account of the of McLeans of Glenbard
by Mary MacLean, published 1891. PDFARCHIVE.org

A Brief History of the Ancestry and Posterity of Allan Maclean – 1715-1786
by Mary McLean Hardy, published 1905. PDFARCHIVE.org

A History of the Clan Maclean from its First Settlement at Duard Castle, in the Isle of Mull, to the Present Period
by John Patterson Maclean, published 1889. PDFARCHIVE.org

An Account of the Surname of Maclean from the Manuscript of 1751
by John Patterson Maclean, published 1914. PDFARCHIVE.org

An Historical and Genealogical Account of the Clan Maclean
by a Seneachie (John C. Sinclair), published 1838. PDFARCHIVE.org

A Maclean Souvenir
by J. P. Maclean, published 1918.

by Jack Maclean, published 2010. AMAZON.com

Clan gillean (The Macleans)
edited by James NoeL Mackenzie, Maclean, published 1954.

Death or Victory: Tales of the Clan Maclean
by Fiona Maclean, published 2011. AMAZON.com

Evidences of the Chiefship of Clann-Ghilleain
by John Patterson Maclean, published 1895. PDFARCHIVE.org

Family Album: A Pictorial History of the McLean Family of Gaston County, North Carolina
by Leon Leslie McLean, published 1998.

First Annual Gathering of the Clan Maclean Association of North America
by John Patterson Maclean, published 1893. PDFARCHIVE.org

From Clan to Regiment: Six Hundred Years in the Hebrides 1400-2000
by Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, published 2007. Google Books

Na Baird Leathanach: The Maclean Bards v1
by A. Maclean Sinclair, published 1898. PDFARCHIVE.org

Murder Under Trust: The Crimes and Death of Sir Lachlan Mor Maclean of Duart, 1558-1598
by Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, published 1999. AMAZON.com

One Clan or Two?
by Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, published 1999. AMAZON.com

One Clan, Two Families
by Alistair White, published 1991. PDFMACLEAN.org

Papers Relating to the Macleans of Duart 1670-1680
From the Highland Papers, Volume Ⅰ published by the Highland History Society in 1914. PDF

Renaissance of the Clan MacLean
by John Patterson Maclean, published 1913. PDFARCHIVE.org

Sketch of te McLean and Brown Families
by Janie Campbell McEachern, published 1932.

Siol Eachainn: The Race of Hector
by Lorne Maclaine, published 2019. AMAZON.com

The Clan Gillean
by Alexander Maclean Sinclair, published 1899. PDFARCHIVE.org

The Clan Gillean: A Gaelic Sea Power
by John Mackechnie, published 1954.

The Clan Maclean: An Amphibious Fighting Force (Northern Studies 26 – 1989)
by Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, published 1893. PDFSSNS.org

The Clan MacLean. Instituted 1892.
by the Clan Maclean, Glasgow, published 1893. PDFARCHIVE.org

The Family of Maclean – Maclean Manuscript of 1716
Author Unknown; Edited by J. P. Maclean, published 1915.

The Fifty Years War: An Account of the Maclean – Campbell Conflict
by Gene Donald Lamont, published 2010. PDFTIREEGENEALOGY.com

The Genealogy of the Clan Maclean
by Ronald W. Collins, published 2017.

The Macleans of Sweden
by James N. M. Maclean, published 1971

The McLanes: The Origin of the Clan
by Ronald W. Collins, published 2017.

The McLanes: A New Hampshire Clan
by Ronald W. Collins, published 2015

The McClains
by Fred F. Parker, published unknown

They Came From Tiree (Chapter 3 – The Maclean Years)
by Gene Donald Lamont, published 2007. PDFTIREEGENEALOGY.com

Warriors and Priests: The History of the Clan Maclean 1300-1750
by Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, published 1995. AMAZON.com

Maclean Biographies

A Man of Vision: Francis H. McLean 1869-1945
by Ralph Ormsby, published 1969.

A Person from England
by Sir Fitzroy Maclean, BT, published 1958. ARCHIVE.org

A Sketch of the Life of John McLean, of Ohio [Postmaster-General 1823-1830 and US Supreme Court Judge 1823-1861]
by Veritas, published 1846. ARCHIVE.org

A Wisp of Flame: The Story of Ailean “Na Sop” Maclean Scotland’s Last Viking Pirate (Historical Fiction)
by David Nash, published 2019.

Alistair MacLean’s War: How the Royal Navy Shaped His Bestsellers
by Mark Simmons, published 2022. AMAZON.com

Allan Maclean, Jacobite General
by Mary Beacock Fryer, published 1987. AMAZON.com

Biography of Wilmer McLean
by Frank P. Cauble, published 1987.

Father Struck It Rich, the Autobiography of Evalyn Walsh McLean
by Evalyn Walsh McLean, published 1936. ARCHIVE.org

Fitzroy Maclean
by Frank McLynn, published 1992. ARCHIVE.org

Frank McClean: Godfather to British Naval Aviation
by Philip Jarrett, published 2011.

Hector Maclean: The Writings of a Loyalist-Era Military Settler in Nova Scotia
Edited by Currie, Mercer & Reid, published 2015.

John Maclean: A Fighter for Freedom
by Tom Bell, published 1944.

Lauchlin McLean, Flora Lamon(t) and Their Descendants
by Bennion, Linda, published 2016.

Louis McLane: Federalist and Jacksonian
by John Munroe, published 1973. ARCHIVE.org

Maclean of Duart: The Biography of ‘Chips’ Maclean
by Brian Hoey, published 1986.

Maclean of the Gold Coast: The Life and Times f George Maclean, 1801-1847
by G. E. Metcalfe, published 1962.

Mars McLean, A Biography
by James A. Clark, published 1969.

Memoir of John Maclean, M.D. the First Professor of Chemistry in the College of New Jersey
by John Maclean, published 1885.

One Man In His Time: The Life of Lieutenant-Colonel NLD (‘Billy’) McLean, DSO
by Xan Fielding, published 1990.

Ray McLain and the National Guard
by Betty McLain Belvin, published 1994.

Reminiscences of Rev. Jno. H. McLean, A.M, D.D.
by J. H. McLean, published 1918.

Reward is Secondary: The Life of a Political Adventurer and an Inquiry into the Mystery of “Junius”
by James N. M. Maclean, published 1963.

Saunders MacLane: A Mathematical Autobiography
by A. K. Peters, published 2005.

Sir Donald Maclean
by James Cowan, published 1940.

The Life and Labors of Archiballd McLean
by William Robinson Warren, published 1923.

The Captain’s Bridge: The Autobiography of Commodore Donald Maclean
by D. M. Maclean, published 1965.

The Private Journal of Louis T. McLane, U.S.N. 1844-1848
by Louis T. McLane, published 1971.

The Senator from Simsbury: George P. McLean
by Ellsworth S. Grant, published 2001.

The Story of Mary MacLane
by Mary MacLane, published 1902.

When Love Calls Men to Arms: Autobiography of Rorie Maclean, Laird of Kilellan
by Stephen Chalmers, published 1910.

William Pinckney McLean 1836-1925
editor unknown, published 1925.

Witness To Rebellion: John Maclean’s Journal of the ‘Forty-Five and the Penicuik Drawings
Edited by Iain Gordon Brown and Hugh Cheape, published 2010.

13 Days Adrift: The Experiences of M. Stanley MacLean
by M. Stanley MacLean, published 1943.

Regional History & Information

A Historical Account of Iona
by Lachlan Maclean, published 1838. PDFARCHIVE.org

Acts of the Lords of the Isles
Edited by Jean Munro, PH.D and R. W. Munro, published 1986. PDF NLS.uk

History of the Island of Mull
by John Patterson Maclean, published 1923. PDFARCHIVE.org

History of the Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland From A.D. 1493 to A.D. 1625
by Donald Gregory, published 1836. PDFARCHIVE.org

Iona and the Ionians
by Donald Gregory, published 1836. PDFARCHIVE.org

Memoirs of Sir Ewen Cameron of Locheill
by John Drummond, published 1842. PDFARCHIVE.org

The Gaelic Bards from 1411 to 1517
by Alexander Maclean Sinclair, published 1890. PDFARCHIVE.org

Scottish Diaspora

An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America Prior to the Peace of 1783
by John Patterson Maclean, published 1900. PDFARCHIVE.org

Scots and Scots’ Descendants in America
by D. J. MacDougall, published 1917. ARCHIVE.org

The Scots in Sweeden, being a Contribution Towards the History of the Scot Abroad
by Th. A. Fischer, published 1907. ARCHIVE.org

Scottish History

History of the Macdonalds & Lords of the Isles
by Alexander Mackenzie, published 1881. PDFARCHIVE.org

The History of Scotland
by Patrick Fraser Tytler, published 1866
PDF – Vol.Ⅰ Vol.Ⅱ Vol.Ⅲ Vol.Ⅳ Vol.Ⅴ Vol.Ⅵ Vol.Ⅶ Vol.Ⅷ Vol.Ⅸ Vol.Ⅹ
ARCHIVE.org – Vol.Ⅰ Vol.Ⅱ Vol.Ⅲ Vol.Ⅳ Vol.Ⅴ Vol.Ⅵ Vol.Ⅶ Vol.Ⅷ Vol.Ⅸ Vol.Ⅹ

A Military History of Perthshire, 1660-1902
by Katharine Marjory Stewart-Murray Atholl , Jane C. C. MacDonald, published 1908. PDF

Memorable Wars of Scotland
by Patrick Fraser Tytler, published 1896. PDF

Scotland, Vol.Ⅰ Vol.Ⅱ
by Sir Walter Scott, published 1829. PDF – Vol.Ⅰ Vol.Ⅱ – ARCHIVE.org – Vol.Ⅰ Vol.Ⅱ

Scottish Resources Online

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Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913
Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707
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