House of Ardgour

The Macleans of Ardgour are the second senior cadet branch clan of the Clan Maclean. The Adgour Chieftains trace their lineage to Lachlan Bronneach Maclean, 7th Chief of the the Duart Branch of the Clan Maclean. At present Robin Maclean is the 18th Chieftian of the Macleans of Ardgour.

The name for the district of Ardgour comes from the Scots Gaelic, Àird Ghobhar which means Height of the goats.

Maclean of Ardgour (Chief's Arms)

Lairds of Ardgour

c 1460 Donald Maclean

1463 Ewen Maclean

1482 Lachlan Maclean

c 1545 John Maclean

c 1450 Allan Maclean

c 1520 Ewen Maclean

1592 Allan Maclean

1681 John Maclean

1695 Ewen Maclean

1694 Allan Maclean

1756 John Maclean

1739 Hugh Maclean

1768 Alexander Maclean

1855 Alexander Maclean

1872 Alexander Thomas Maclean

1890 Alexander John Hew Maclean

1930 Catriona Louisa Maclean

1988 Robin Maclean

Junior Cadet Houses

The junior Cadet branches of the Clan Maclean that trace their lineage the Macleans of Ardgour include the Macleans of Borreray, the Macleans of Treshnish, the Macleans of Inverscaddel, the Macleans of Blaich, the Macleans of Achnadale, the Macleans of Highnish, the Macleans of Glenbard, and the Macleans of Dunconnel.