Clan Maclean Associations

The clan is well-organized around the globe. As the dominate governing body, the Clan Maclean International Association is responsible for promoting and supporting the regional Maclean Clan organizations' growth and involvement of the Clan and its members.

All of the regional associations are self-governed and their presidents collectively make up the Clan Maclean International Association. Each regional association promotes the socialization and kinship of its members. Membership requirements vary among the associations.


Clan Maclean Australia
Council of the C.M.A. in Australia
New South Wales

Clan Maclean Atlantic Canada
Ontario (Email)
Quebec (Email)

France (Email)

New Zealand
New Zealand (Email)

United Kingdom
Clan Maclean Association (Scotland)
Clan Maclean Association (London)

United States
Clan Maclean California
Clan Maclean Pacific Northwest
Clan Gillean USA




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