Battle of Flodden

The largest battle of the Anglo-Scottish Wars, the Battle of Flodden Field was fought on September 9, 1513 and was a decisive defeat for the Scots under command of James IV.

With England was at war with France, James IV of Scotland honoured Scotland’s Auld Alliance with France by invading England and diverting English troops from their primary conflict with the French. The Scots were armed with the eighteen foot Continental pike, which was six feet longer than the traditional Scottish schiltrom spear the were accustomed to. Many historians agree that the combination of raw recruits and new weaponry proved disastrous.

Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, lead the English forces of 25,000 that was sent to stop James IV’s army of 30,000 Scots. Although outnumbered, Howard was able to better utilise the geography to out-general James IV of Scotland and soundly defeat the Scots. Among the dead were 1,500 English, 12,000 Scots including James IV of Scotland and Eachuinn Odhar Maclean, 6th Chief leading the Macleans fighting with James IV of Scotland