Battle of Harlaw

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July 24, 1411

The Battle of Harlaw was the culmination of a lengthy dispute of the Earldom of Ross. Both Donald of Islay, Lord of the Isles, (whose army numbered 6,000) and Alexander Stewart, Earl of Mar, (whose army numbered 2,000) felt they had legal claim to the Earldom and thereby the territories belonging to it. The battle was considered to be one of the bloodiest of its time with 2,000 casualties. Although Donald retired his army after a single day of combat, most historians consider the outcome to be a draw.

The following autumn the Duke of Albany, then regent of Scotland, put an end to the dispute by appointing a governor to the territories of Ross and ultimately forcing Donald to swear fealty tot he Crown of Scotland. Eachuinn Ruadh nan cath Maclean, 6th Chief leading the Macleans fighting with Donald, was killed at the Battle of Harlaw in a duel with Alexander Irvine.

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