Battle of Corpach

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Clan Cameron defended their lands against the Clan MacLean. Clan Cameron won the battle. Prior to this the Cameron lands had been bestowed upon John Garve Maclean of Coll by Alexander, Lord of the Isles. It is recorded that a young Maclean Chieftain, Ewen/John Abrach (the son of John Garve Maclean, so called from his residence in Lochaber) was killed in this battle. It is not likely that this is one in the same with "Hector Bui M'Lean." Rather, they were possibly the leaders of their respective tribes of the Macleans. With the defeat of the Macleans at Corpach, the Camerons continued to retain their lands, despite Maclean attempts to "dislodge" them.

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  • Cirica 1470
  • The Battle of Corpach was a Scottish clan battle in which the Clan Cameron routed the Clan Maclean. It took place around 1470 at Corpach, just north of Fort William on the west coast of Scotland.
  • After Alexander, Lord of the Isles was released from Tantallon Castle in 1431, he had awarded the Cameron lands around Fort William to the Macleans[1] under John Garve Maclean of Coll, as punishment for the Camerons deserting him in 1429, before the battle of Lochaber.
  • The Clan Maclean invaded and were confronted by the Camerons at Corpach. It is recorded that a young MacLean chieftain, Ewen or John Abrach, the son of John Garve Maclean of Coll was killed.[2][3] The Camerons were led in the battle by their chief Ailean nan Creach, and completely routed the Maclean forces, [4] retaining their lands. However the Macleans would attempt to dislodge them throughout the coming years.[4]


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