Lachlan Maclean

10th Chief

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  • Tenth Chief
  • Illigitamate son of Hector (9th chief)1
  • Legitimated 3 October 14962
  • Possibly the 'dilectis nostris Lauchlano Makgillane' without territorial designation wo is a witness to a charter of the Lord of the Isles at Isla in 14862
  • Probably the 'Lachlannus Hectoris McGilleoin', baillie of he south part of Tiree recorded in 14922
  • Royal grant of barony of Duart2
  • Received respittfor herschyp of Ewen Alansoun on 27 February 1499/15002
  • Died at Batle of Flooden Field on 9 September 1513. The Senachie recorded that, "before he fell, the dead bodies of his clansmen, who flocked about thieir chief to shiel him from the overwhelming numbers by which he was assailed, literally formed a wall around him."1
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