Loch Gorm Castle

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The Loch Gorm Castle on Islay was only held for a short time by the Macleans in 1577-1578

A quote from the RCAHMS Database: "In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, when the island-refuge acquired prominence in the MacDonald-MacLean conflict, the (remains of) the castle became a base of active operations during the well-documented rebellion of Sir James MacDonald in 1614-15. The castle was included in successive attacks issued in favour of the MacDonalds of Dunivaig and the Glens in 1564 and 1584, but was occupied temporarily by Lachlan MacLean of Duart who was besieged there in 1578 by the MacDonalds with the assistance of the Earl of Argyll. Later accounts of 1586 and 1596 briefly describe it as 'a ruynous castle' and 'ane strenthie castell', whilst Lord Ochiltree and the royal forces in 1608 claimed to have 'demolishit and kaist doun to the ground the house of Lochgorne'. Upon the recrudescence of rebellion in 1614, the site once again witnessed military activity. By April 1615 the island-fortress had been retaken by Sir James MacDonald. The garrison left there when Sir James MacDonald finally surrendered to the Earl of Argyll in the following October, but upon the collapse of the rebellion the site did not immediately lose its military value. A private garrison was still maintained there in 1639-40."


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